Our range of packaging solutions consists of a line of bagging machines suitable for different needs and several domains: from laundry to clothing, but also for hotels and any facility (printers, hairdressers, beauticians, etc.) where products or work tools need bagging for storage or transport.
Choose the model that best suits the pace of work in your business and the types of items most frequently bagged: you can always count on a high quality, long lasting packaging, easy and safe to carry out.



Table-top bag sealer for PVC packaging. Available in 3 sizes.
An energy-saving, lightweight and quick impulse sealer designed for polyethylene packaging.
Available in 3 different lengths depending on the size of the items.
It is suitable for bagging objects of various sizes and kinds: textile or paper items, items for children, kitchenware, work instruments, etc.
This manual table-top heat sealer works easily and quickly, providing a hygienic and accurate pack.

kit impak.fw

Kit Impak

Thermo-retractable packaging in 3 steps.
This shrink-wrapping system consists of 3 parts: cutting and welding bar, two-speed heat shrink gun and unrolling device for PVC shrink films.
Thanks to the hot air flow from the heat gun, the PVC film adheres perfectly to the shape of the items. The result is a tailor-made, effective and long-lasting packaging, ideal for protecting textile or paper articles, items for children, kitchenware, work instruments, etc. from dust.


Vertical bagging machine WDM 60

Robust and efficient vertical bagging machine for laundries and other facilities.
Vertical sealing machine for hanging garments. it is the ideal solution for laundries, dry cleaners, shops and any facilities where you may need to bag textiles in order to store them or deliver them to customers.
Available in two versions: wall-mounted or with pedestal, depending on your space requirements.
It is equipped with a timer to adjust the sealing time according to the thickness of the chosen material.
It is operated by lowering the lever on top. While welding, it cuts off the exceeding roll, ensuring a perfect result.


L-Sealing machine WDM 6080

Semi-automatic bagging machine.
Our semi-automatic L-sealer is designed for bagging textiles, paper products or different items, in order to store or deliver them.
It features an electronic display with integrated timer, which will allow you to adjust the sealing time according to the type of material used.
The height and position of the work table can be adjusted to suit the size of the items to be sealed.
With a stainless-steel worktop, it is available in 2 versions, with swivel wheels or with feet.
Equipped with an energy-saving system, it is operated by lowering the frame on top. As well as sealing, it cuts off excess roll, ensuring an impeccable result.

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