Welding and finishing are a crucial step to get an excellent result from your printing projects.
F.B. Italy proposes a range of heat welders designed for printing centres working with large format media.
Our heat welding machines combine high performance and reliability for an optimal result. Safe both for the users and the environment, they will allow you to obtain quickly the perfect joint on banners and mesh nets, enabling you to create long-lasting maxi banners and pole pockets.

easy b.fw

Easy Banner

Semi-automatic banner welding machine. Designed and patented by F.B. Italy.
The “Easy Banner” model is a semi-automatic heat welding machine that is easy and intuitive to use in any type of printing centre.
It can be programmed according to the material to be used, and allows the flawless welding of banners or PVC coated nets of different thickness, as well as the creation of strong reinforcement pockets.
The suction table ensures that the material to be welded remains well positioned throughout the process.
Thanks to its electromagnetic locking system, you can also carry out closed-loop welding.

banner 150.fw

Banner 150

An automatic heat welding machine with 5 program memory function.

The “Banner 150” model is a fully automatic, electrically operated heat welding machine.
Thanks its electric actuators, it does not require the use of other energy sources such as compressed air, so it can be easily moved.
The machine is controlled by a microprocessor and has a multifunctional display. The suction table ensures that the material to be welded remains in position throughout the process.
Depending on the most frequently welded media, you can save up to 5 work programmes, optimising the finishing process of banners and PVC coated nets.
Its versatility also makes it suitable for welding awnings, pool covers and other PVC coated materials.

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