Greeny is the result of F.B. Italy’s twenty-year experience in the field of vacuum packing. This medical waste compactor has been specially designed for the healthcare domain. Based on vacuum technology, Greeny offers a sustainable solution to meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety in healthcare facilities. As well as optimising medical waste collection, it also contributes to protecting the environment by reducing the impact of sanitary waste disposal.

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Sustainability for a better future.
Nowadays we need to pay more and more attention to contamination, environmental protection and to the relationship between our health and the environmental impact of human activities.
Greeny is a medical waste compactor based on vacuum technology. It reduces the volume of sanitary and organic waste, thus optimising hygienic conditions in healthcare facilities and facilitating waste disposal.
Thanks to its compact design and intuitive functioning, the Greeny sanitary compactor can be placed anywhere. It facilitates healthcare workers during waste collection operations and prevents both patients and staff members from prolonged contact with waste.
Vacuum-packed waste is stackable, which simplifies storage, transport and disposal.
As a result, our medical waste disposal system not only allows healthcare facilities to save resources, but it also contributes to reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal, benefitting the whole community.

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