Vacuum-packing allows to store personal clothes, bed and bath linen (e. g. coats, formal wear, quilts, bath towels) in an impeccable manner in terms of both quality and hygiene.
Protected against mould, mites and bacteria, vacuum-packed items remain perfectly clean over time and take up little space – two sides of the same coin.
Our 20-year experience in the field of vacuum technology has enabled us to develop a wide range of vacuum packaging machines to meet the most diverse requirements.
Originally conceived to improve the packaging of textiles in laundries, vacuum packing has proved its effectiveness and versatility in the hospitality and healthcare industry as well. Vacuum-sealing is the ideal solution to ensure greater protection while reducing space requirements.

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Manual vacuum-packing machine. Simple and professional to operate.

The “Easy” model is a manually operated vacuum packaging machine that ensures a professional result in just a few steps.
With the help of mechanical actuators and electronic control, it guarantees a good productivity ratio at a low running cost.
It is equipped with a multifunctional display, which allows the management of the processing time.
Depending on your needs, it can be configured with a coin acceptor or for connection to the main cash register. Also available in a rechargeable version.

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Automatic vacuum-packing machine. Intuitive and multifunctional.

The top of the range of our vacuum machines, “Evomatic” model is the result of the relentless research and development work of the FB-Italy’s team.
Evomatic is a fully automatic vacuum machine designed for high productivity facilities.
Thanks to the use of electric actuators, it does not require other energy sources, such as compressed air, making installation simple and practical.
The start controls on both sides, the possibility of continuous sealing, the presence of 5 programs and the optional “grip unit” (handle hole punch) ensure an easy and multifunctional use.

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Evomatic Self

Vacuum-packing machine for self-service laundries
The “Evomatic self” model is a vacuum machine especially designed for self-service laundries, based on a fully automatic and intuitive functioning system.
With the ingenious help of electric actuators, the machine does not require other energy sources such as compressed air, making installation simple.
Operation is easy and straightforward with scrolling instructions on the display. Depending on your choices, you can also connect it to the central cash register or to an integrated coin box.



Small and lightweight vacuum-sealing machine, perfect for home use.
The “Martina” model is a compact and ergonomic vacuum packaging machine, designed for household use and for small hotels.
It is the ideal solution for vacuum-packing the items in your wardrobe or storeroom as it requires no prior installation and takes up little space.
Simply connect it to a mains supply and a hoover to get an excellent result: your shelves will be tidier and your textiles will stay clean and protected over time.

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