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since 1999.

F.B. Italy was born from the idea of creating reliable and efficient machinery for the laundry industry. This dream has turned into a mission carried out with commitment and passion, which has opened the door to distribution all over the world.
The compactness of our machinery, the simple functioning, the attention given to customer service from purchase to installation have made FB Italy a brand valued all over Italy.
In a short time, the versatility of our laundry machinery and the continuous search for improvement have allowed our Made in Italy brand to go beyond the Italian borders and enter the international market.
The desire to innovate and always seek original solutions has led us to broaden our interests to other fields where our skills could be applied to develop new solutions.
Research, Development and Innovation are the driving forces behind a company that, starting with vacuum packing for laundries, today offers solutions for several fields, such as printing centres, hotels and healthcare.

The core values of our company
Our mission
High quality technology and production, customer service at all stages before and after sales: these are the key values of our mission.
We always try to satisfy our customers’ needs as best as we can, offering solutions that combine high performance with a strong focus on operating costs and user safety.